This is a worthwhile opportunity for you to challenge yourself and grow musically by playing a solo, or performing in a small ensemble such as a duet, trio, or quartet with your friends. Solos should be chosen from the standard solo repertoire for band & orchestra. You will be assigned a specific time to perform during the Recital evening. You will receive a written evaluation of your solo/ensemble performance from a guest clinician, but this is not a competition. The emphasis is on celebrating your musical accomplishments and sharing them with family and friends. Your parents and friends are invited to attend and listen to you perform. If you do not yet study privately, this would be a great time to begin taking lessons.

Recital Dates Spring 2023
BAND: Tuesday, February 13, 2024 5-7pm @ Lincoln (7pm finish to BOE meeting)
ORCHESTRA: Tuesday, March 5, 2024 5-7:30pm @ Lincoln

Signup forms
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Piano Accompanists

For the 2023 Solo & Ensemble Recitals, D64 BOPA will provide a piano accompanist for all students who wish to play with accompaniment. There will be no prior rehearsal, but students will have time in the room before being adjudicated to play through their piece. Students will practice in advance with a pre-recorded accompaniment leading up to recitals.