​Band Instrument Resources

It is crucial to listen to professional players so you know what your instrument is supposed to sound like. Listening to a pro helps you develop a concept of good tone for your instrument. There are countless variations in the type of sound that can be produced on wind instruments. Some sounds are brash and ugly, some are resonant and beautiful. Knowing what your instrument is supposed to sound like gives you a goal to aim for in your daily practice. As in all things, you will make quicker progress if you have a goal to aim for. One way to refine your concept of sound is to take private lessons from a teacher who can demonstrate professional sounds for you, and give you insights into the nuances of embouchure development to help you achieve the goal of a beautiful sound. Attending concerts is another great way to develop your concept of sound. We have one of the finest orchestras in the world right here in Chicago, go hear them whenever you can!

Check out these web pages to hear examples of quality tone for your instrument. Each page has a video produced by the U.S. Army Field Band from Washington, D. C. Many of the videos include a history of the instrument as well as playing tips. GREAT information for all players, beginner to pro!

Baritone (Euphonium) and Tuba
Jazz Band Examples